Summer has come and gone once again

This summer was a good one. I’m not sad that it’s ending because I’ve had enough time to hang around and just indulge myself. I did myself a favor and had finished all… Continue reading

A Pair of Boots

Every time I’m at the laundromat with my Dad, I get this nostalgic feeling about childhood. It reminds me of the time I got my first pair of boots. Bearpaws, to be exact.… Continue reading

Marvel Movie Madness

So my boyfriend and I decided to have a little movie night today. His dad joined us and my brother joined us as well. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy . It was… Continue reading

From nothing to something

This guy up here went from being my Academics Commander, to Commanding Officer, to friend, to boyfriend. After we both went through some relationship hardships in late 2013, we somehow managed to plunder… Continue reading

Sail Academy: An Unforgettable Journey

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. The beginning of summer 2014, I’ve decided to go to NJROTC Sail Academy. I was a bit hesitant about my decision in going, but… Continue reading

Words I wish were left unspoken

Seven years ago, I was disrupted from the innocent little thoughts I had. It was the year where I first realized my parent’s corrupted marriage. They carelessly fought in front of me, oblivious… Continue reading

Sand escaping from my little hands

That’s exactly what summer feels like to me. It just went by so fast…soooo fast. Like little particles of sand drifting through the cracks of my fingers. I had a fist full and… Continue reading

Imported from Germany (-:

My aunt from Germany came over and she brought us some sweets over! ^____^ delicious-mess exploding in my mouth. Orgasm in my mouth. Ahaha. It’s from Germany, guys!!! How cool is that?! Trying… Continue reading

At Church in LV for a wedding(:

Everybody is still getting ready so this is a preview of where I am. Hahaha 🙂 its so peaceful ad quiet. ^____^ Yay for the bride and groom! (distant cousins) Well, la Di… Continue reading

My lovely leafy background-

I took this picture in Muir Woods with my phone and I am completely in love with how it turned out. The picture screams out: I’m innocent and beautiful. Doesn’t it? The way… Continue reading