College Road Trip: Part 1

The past three days, I got to experience the ups and downs of choosing which college I want to go to. I was very unsure of which school I’d like to attend for… Continue reading


Today I accepted my very first dogsitting job! Just kidding, it wasn’t really a job because I didn’t get paid for it. I just watched and played with Chomper (cotton ball shown in… Continue reading

University Decisions

<a href=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Starting fall of 2016, I will be attending a university. Which university, I am not so sure myself at this point either. I’ve been feeling extremely at… Continue reading

Last one 

and I’ll always be the last one standing The last one to go to sleep…as always… I’ll be the last one waiting even though I know deep down that you’re not coming or… Continue reading


There are things that I wish I could turn back. Times that I wish I could erase. Words I wish I could swallow back in. Pain I wish I could heal. I’m in… Continue reading

Spiders and Russian Thistles

This morning, I got the chance to volunteer at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands with my boyfriend’s family. It was cold, gloomy, and definitely too early in the morning. We were there to pull… Continue reading

Dead in Love

As I lie here, Drowning in your love I can’t help but tear up Smile And death runs through my mind The years where I thought death was my only escape are now… Continue reading

End of Junior Year

WOW! I haven’t been on here since forever. Well, junior year has officially ended today at 12:35PM. All I can say about junior year is that it is…without fault one of the most… Continue reading

I am honored to stand by your side, Daniel. 

You are so amazing in so many ways possible. You’ve motivated me to become a stronger better person. You’re my rock. You’ve inspired so many people and have left sparkles behind everywhere you… Continue reading

Night life 

night time is where the lonely hours creep up on us it’s the time I yearn for adventure I search for solitude during these late hours I’m inspired by the moon I like… Continue reading