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Step One: 1st Quarter

This is me. Janet. I have finished my first quarter of uni at UC Davis! I’ve met amazing people. I’ve learned new stuff and I’ve discovered what it’s like to be surrounded by… Continue reading

Preview’s Over

I graduated!¬† June 22, 2016 Wow, thirteen years of public education has led to this very moment. Graduation day. I cannot explain how long I have been waiting for this day to come.… Continue reading

College Road Trip: Part 2

I want to just first apologize for how late I am posting the second part to the college road trip post! I’ve been so caught up with school and I’ve been extremely busy… Continue reading

College Road Trip: Part 1

The past three days, I got to experience the ups and downs of choosing which college I want to go to. I was very unsure of which school I’d like to attend for… Continue reading

University Decisions

<a href=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Starting fall of 2016, I will be attending a university. Which university, I am not so sure myself at this point either. I’ve been feeling extremely at… Continue reading

End of Junior Year

WOW! I haven’t been on here since forever. Well, junior year has officially ended today at 12:35PM. All I can say about junior year is that it is…without fault one of the most… Continue reading

1248% Equals 100%

As the year progresses, I am starting to lose motivation slowly. I feel like everything I do is starting to get repetitive and boring almost. I feel like some days I’m given assignments… Continue reading

Junior year: a breakdown

Oh, junior year, junior year. What have you done to me? “Junior year will be the hardest year of your high school career,” quoted by many wise graduates I didn’t believe them. Like… Continue reading