One night she just stopped. She stopped loving. She stopped holding in her breath. She took off her ring. She started to breathe again. She was free. She will do whatever it takes… Continue reading

To the guy who cheated on me,

  How are you just feeling guilty now? You should’ve been feeling guilty ever since 8 months ago. I loved you unconditionally. I trusted you with my entire being. How did it take you… Continue reading


My boyfriend of three years called me yesterday at 3 in the morning to tell me that he has been cheating on me for 8 months now. We celebrated our three years anniversary… Continue reading


And she’s broken. With one word, he broke her into a million little pieces. He didn’t look back because he left years ago He wasn’t coming back She broke like a China doll… Continue reading


I am afraid that I’d rather end my life than live a life without you I am afraid that I’d rather die than to see you with someone else I am afraid that… Continue reading

If you love someone,

Do you let them go? Do you fight for them? How selfish am I to keep loving someone when they obviously no longer want to love me. I’m lost and confused. I don’t… Continue reading

Step One: 1st Quarter

This is me. Janet. I have finished my first quarter of uni at UC Davis! I’ve met amazing people. I’ve learned new stuff and I’ve discovered what it’s like to be surrounded by… Continue reading

Getting Back Into It

Hello Friends! It’s been a while since my graduation post and I am very sorry for that short hiatus. Since my summer job doesn’t actually start until the end of July, I had… Continue reading

Preview’s Over

I graduated!  June 22, 2016 Wow, thirteen years of public education has led to this very moment. Graduation day. I cannot explain how long I have been waiting for this day to come.… Continue reading

College Road Trip: Part 2

I want to just first apologize for how late I am posting the second part to the college road trip post! I’ve been so caught up with school and I’ve been extremely busy… Continue reading